Homeownership Program

We offer a hand up toward affordable homeownership.

Habitat for Humanity is an equal opportunity program. Applicants are selected based on their need for housing, willingness to partner with us, and their ability to pay the mortgage. Individuals from all races, sexes, and creeds are encouraged to apply.

We want to make sure our homeowners are prepared for the responsibilities of homeownership, from paying a mortgage to maintaining their house. Our homeownership requirements, listed below, help to ensure this.

Program Guidelines

Community Relationship

Applicant will have lived or worked in our service area of New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater or Oak Hill for at least a year.

Demonstrate Need in one of the following ways

• Current living situation is overcrowded, inadequate or transitional

• Cost burdened – rent payment exceeds 35% of household gross income

• Is unable to qualify for homeownership through other conventional means

Willingness to Partner

• Must be willing to discuss their financial situation with our staff • Must be willing to complete sweat equity hours (350-500) depending on family dynamics as well as meet the minimum quarterly hour requirements • We can accommodate all skill levels, everyone must participate in sweat equity at the construction sites, ReStore, and education classes. • Complete the Homebuyer education classes including first time home buyer workshop.  • Bring in necessary paperwork on time and attend scheduled appointments • Must be willing to pick an available lot that we own in our service area  • If you believe you fit in the qualifications and want to apply please schedule an appointment for application pick up. 

Ability to Pay

Household annual income falls within our current Guidelines below

Family SizeHousehold Income Limit
1$23,200 – 46,400
2$26,500 – 53,000
3$29,825 – 59,650
4$33,125 – 66,250
5$35,775 – 71,550
6$38,425 – 76,850
7$41,075 – 82,150
8$43,725 – 87,450

• Have steady, reliable, and verifiable income 

• Have a reasonable credit score average

• Demonstrate the ability to repay an affordable mortgage

• Must meet the debt to income ratios and not have excessive debt

If you have questions about home ownership, please email or call us: