Spring, 2019- Another Awesome Collegiate Challenge

From Feb. 24th to March 17th, groups of university students resided with us through their Spring breaks, here to help build decent, affordable homes for Habitat. Twelve students from  Mt. Carmel College, Columbus, Ohio; 14 from Penn State University, and 15 from Fisher College, Boston, Ma, worked on four homes in Pinehurst subdivision, completing a great deal of work, and getting us way ahead in building the future homes of the Crum, Milam, Lamela and Loudermilk families, on Canal Road in Edgewater. Family members worked alongside the students any time they were able to, and are so thrilled to see the results of so much work that has been done on their houses in the last three weeks. It was only a month ago that four slabs sat together along the road, but now the homes are well under way, thanks to the help of Collegiate Challenge students working alongside our regular volunteers, and skilled volunteer and staff instructors.

All the students had a great time, and after work, headed to the beach, sampled local fare, and enjoyed sightseeing and shopping.

Pics 1  Lunch at the build- Fisher College.   2. Campfire at Cracker Creek- Penn State   3. Reflection 4. Building  5.  Hot lunch cooked and served by volunteers Charlie & Connie Myers. 6. Instructor Mary Barber works with Fisher College students. 7. Instructor Doris Gallose teaches the students. 8. Three weeks of work!