Winter Break Collegiate Challenge with Anna Maria College

Celebrating Collegiate Challenge, 2018. Our first group of the year, Anna Maria College, once again joined us for a week of building from 7-13 January, 2018. This wonderful group, including Father Manuel Clavijo (faculty) and Coordinator Melissa LaNeve, worked very hard at our subdivision in Edgewater, where they helped build two new houses at 15 and 18 Pine Brook Drive, the future homes of the Bowen and Rahming families.  The group also spent one day at the Habitat Re-Store, where they worked in several areas, including sorting donations, and helping stock and arrange the shelves.

After work, the students visited three local restaurants for dinner, and spent one afternoon and evening at Cracker Creek, where they kayaked, and enjoyed a bonfire and barbecue with hot chocolate and Smores. They also shared a pizza lunch with the volunteers on their last day. It was amazing to see the college group working alongside our volunteers, building two homes together, with over 40 pairs of hands raising the frames.

We are really grateful for these groups of young people who provide strength and energy each year, as they do so much  for SEVHFH during their visits. There will be three more groups coming from different universities in March.