The Walz Home, Powered by the Sun!

September, 2012

First Florida habitat for humanity home powered by the Sun!

Southeast Volusia Habitat for Humanity, in partnership with Florida Power & Light and the Siemens Corporation, worked to installed a 5,280 watt photovoltaic system on the roof of its newest home at 3120 Silver Palm Drive in Edgewater. In addition, the home is outfitted with a solar hot water and attic fan. This home received an Energy Star rating in addition to being gold level certified with the Florida Green Building Coalition.

First Habitat Home in Florida Powered by the Sun!

The system, installed by Habitat for Humanity volunteers, will provide a significant percentage of the energy needs for the home’s six person family. Ray Allnutt, Construction Supervisor, said that the affiliate is always looking for ways to reduce the long term maintenance and operating costs of a Habitat home. “With energy prices increasing, making an investment now should result in even greater benefits in the future.” The installed system is providing a case study to the 65 Florida affiliates who can monitor the system output remotely and make assessments regarding the cost and benefits of future installations. The rooftop system operations can be accessed in real time at .

David and Bettiemae Walz, the homeowners, are excited at the prospect of receiving the benefits of the system. Bettiemae also pointed out another benefit even Habitat had not considered. “Following a hurricane, we won’t be without electicity for a week! – and we won’t need another generator!”