Meet Our Volunteers

Each and every volunteer is a vital part of our mission

Ralph Bower

Ralph joined the construction team in 2005, after a friend from the crew recommended Habitat to him. For the last nine years, he has been a regular volunteer, building homes and helping with the Brush with Kindness program. Ralph is a retired machinist who has made many products, including parts for the space shuttle, and is very skilled in his work at Habitat.

Mary Barber

Mary Barber joined us two years ago, after she retired. Not only does she enjoy working at the building sites, but she also joins us at events, such as Women Build and Make a Difference Day, where she amazes everyone with her skills. Mary grew up on a farm, and has always been involved in all kinds of construction. She really enjoys building, and says volunteering keeps her out of trouble!

Jack Wellman

Jack is 83 and has been with us for 23 years, making him our longest volunteer. He works every construction day and’ keeps the others on their toes.’ Jack likes to keep active and doing something useful. He delivers the prayer at the worksite each day, and it is pretty powerful!

Bob Perry

Bob has been volunteering with Habitat for 20 years. He is a pilot for Delta airlines, and works with us during his time off. He enjoys construction and has learned a great deal through Habitat, and loves being around the team of ’good guys’.

Bob McManus

Bob chooses to volunteer in construction to keep busy. He enjoys meeting good people, and being involved in a great organization. He is also involved in church ministry, and is a volunteer kayak guide. He is in his 4th year at Habitat, works very regularly, and also plays golf and goes to the gym.

Tom Draus

Tom has worked with Habitat for 3 years, since retiring from NASA, and chooses to volunteer here” to learn new things and learn to do them right.” He uses these skills to work on his own home projects. He finds great enjoyment in volunteering to build homes, and is often found helping new volunteers.

Susanne Jones

Susie has been a volunteer at Habitat for 6 years, and loves the good company at the jobsite. She is willing to undertake any task, and is often seen painting. She wants to contribute to the community as a volunteer, and loves to do physical work. Apart from helping build houses she is an avid kayaker and cyclist.

John Atkins

John is retired from constructing interstate highways, and decided to volunteer with Habitat as he has always been a builder. He volunteers twice a week, plays golf on Saturdays, and enjoys the company and new skills learned at the Habitat jobsites.

Ed Scheffer

Ed is a Habitat home recipient and enjoyed his sweat equity hours so much he decided to continue volunteering. Now, happy in his new home with his wife and grandchildren, he says that Habitat has done so much for him that the least he can do is help.

Bill Albright

Bill has completed over 50 hours. of volunteering at Habitat, and works 2 days a week. His daughter is a recipient family partner and he began by working sweat equity hours for her and decided to continue with us permanently. Habitat makes him ’feel like somebody’; like he is doing something worthwhile as well as fun. Bill is a 24 yr. veteran of the Kennedy Space Center, where he worked as a quality inspector.

Frank Aquilon

Frank has been a volunteer in construction for 6 months, and has helped build 5 houses. He is a retired fire fighter who enjoys physical, practical work. He loves working at Habitat for the variety of experiences. ‘I’m handy, but not a builder’ he says, so he is constantly learning, and is very impressed by the Habitat mission and our goals.

Bart Duerr

Bart is retired and a very active 81 yr. old who loves to exercise. He stays very fit by working our construction site 2 days a week and going to the gym. He has volunteered with Habitat for 2 ½ years, and says he’s here to help in every way he can.

Frank Rowan

Frank has worked as a Habitat volunteer for 13 years. After retiring in 2,000 as manager of a housing plant, he chose help build homes for partner families at Habitat, as he feels that this is a good program for people to better themselves. Frank enjoys working with the volunteers on the jobsite two days a week and has made some good friends. When not working at Habitat, he is out fishing at the beach or in the lagoon, or traveling with wife Wendy.

Gil Juarez

Gil is a very active and skilled volunteer at Habitat. He has worked in construction all 3 days since joining us in 2005, and has helped build 80 homes! Gil also works with the Brush with Kindness program. In addition, he volunteers with Safe Seniors, and during the school year with special needs children. He is a retired instructor of Industrial Education, was a school administrator and involved in curriculum development. Gil is a veteran of the Navy, Air Force and National Guard.

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