St. Paul Church, Pinkneyville, bring a group to build with Habitat and help other charities, too.

Ray Porter, Youth Coordinator of St. Paul Church, Pinkneyville, Illinois, has been selecting this area for summer mission work for several years. They arrive in the heat of July, when we are short of hands in construction, so it is always great to have a team of adults spend several days building with us. This year, the group was larger than ever, with 18 people, nine of whom were youths who helped at other local charities while the adults helped build 116 Canal Road, and 11 Pine Brook Drive. Through the winter, members of the church create beautiful pillowslips with a pocket which can hold a wish, then they deliver them all each year to the Make a Wish Foundation in Orlando.

The group resided once again in the Habitat dorm, and while they were here, the nine younger members spent their mornings working at the Habitat Re-Store, God’s Bathhouse, and community hot lunches at the Shrine Club, and First United Methodist Church, where they also helped organize inventory and the free store for members of our community in need of clothing, personal needs, and camping equipment.

Groups drive or fly here every year from other parts of the country, to help us in our mission . We are always very grateful for these helping hands, particularly in the slow season, when the majority of the volunteer force is gone.

We have a very comfortable, fully furnished dorm that sleeps 15, and can help make a memorable week of work and enjoyment in this area that has so much to do and see.

If you would like to bring a group to work and reside with us, please contact the SEV Habitat office at 386–428-5010 and for Coralie.