Spring Break Collegiate Challenge, March 2017

MARCH 24, 2017
Penn State University, March 5-11

Penn State brought 14 students to work for a week, building three homes at different stages at the Pinehurst subdivision.

A lot of work was accomplished and the students enjoyed great weather, in the company of staff, Habitat volunteers and future Habitat home owners. They were treated to a hot lunch at the site by Charlie and Connie Myers, a two-hour kayak excursion with barbecue and bonfire, and had a lot of fun sightseeing in the area. The group resided in the Habitat dorm and ate at local restaurants each night. This strong young team of ten men and three women worked really hard to help our families reach their dream of home ownership.

Enjoying the bonfire

The students framed the house at 27 Pine Brook Drive

The group quickly mastered the use of power tools.

Fordham Law and University of Minnesota, March 12
On 12th March, our 2nd groups arrived for Spring Break Collegiate Challenge, with ten students from Fordham Law and five ladies from the University of Minnesota.


The group enjoy a break in the sun on a cool morning.

The weather cooled down from the first week, and the group braved the breeze and cold early mornings as they worked hard building the frame and walls of 27 Pine Brook, the future home of the Harper family, and a variety of tasks on numbers 22 and 26, very soon to be the homes of the Whisnant and Earl families.

Cracker Creek kayaking excursion on a beautiful afternoon, where we experienced a big Gator      and several Manatees…. and a flock of Peacocks displaying full mating dance.

A huge amount of work was accomplished by this vivacious group of lively young students and 3 faculty.

Hofstra University, March 19

On March 19th, a 3rd Collegiate Challenge group of 14 men and women arrived from Hofstra University, New York.This group helped with construction of 27 Pine Brook Drive, painted numbers 22 and 26, and also laid the turf for both homes.

Construction of no. 27 Pine Brook

A team also helped at the Habitat Re-Store for one morning. The group enjoyed warm, sunny weather, and got to meet and work with several future Habitat home owners.

Enjoying a home-cooked meal


CONNIE AND CHARLIE MYERS volunteer to prepare a home cooked meal for every group that resides and works with us. They have fed beautiful lunches to each of the collegiate groups for several years, bringing everything, including plates, cups, utensils, and an assortment of drinks, and dishes served hot and fresh, with amazing desserts. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication and kindness.


An evening of relaxation for the Hofstra group round the fire after 4 days of hard work.


Story by: Coralie Gilson, Outreach & Volunteer Manager