Ladies of Coronado Brave the Heat

JULY 24, 2016

Ladies of Coronado brave the heat to finish a home for a Habitat family.


Ladies of Coronado Methodist braving the heat to finish a Habitat home!

A group of ladies from Coronado Community United Methodist Church offered to volunteer on July 20th, when they heard we needed help finishing up the future home of the Williams family. Despite the heat, they managed to finish all the paint work on this house, laying out each strip of interior and exterior base boards, and painting them outdoors, despite grueling heat.
The energetic ladies of CCUMC have worked with Habitat during Faith Build and Women Build and have formed a group of Methodist women who team up to help non profits in any way they can.

We have lots of work to do! Families need homes year round, and we continue to build. If you would like to bring your group for a rewarding Habi-Team Build, or if you would like to volunteer individually, please contact: Coralie Gilson. Tel:386-428-5010.

by Coralie Gilson