Humana Volunteers Building at Pinehurst

Braving the hot sun, a group from Humana once again partnered with us to build our homes in the Pinehurst subdivision in Edgewater. Humana have been offering team builds for the last two years, taking time off from their jobs to volunteer with Habitat. They also attend every Women Build event with a big group of girls.


Humana volunteers working alongside our partner family member Dory Gardner (far left)

On June 17th, eight men and women came to build siding on 35 Pine Brook, soon to be the home of Courtney Williams and her two children. Meg Hutson of Marketpoint Sales led the group.


Humana volunteers working at Pinehurst Subdivision

We thank Humana for their continued support, working both in construction and at our Re-Store. We hope they will continue to bring their talented volunteers to work with SEV Habitat!by Coralie Gilson