Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store Adopts New Name!

ReStore, a cool, clean, fun place to shop and find treasures!

ReStore, a National Habitat for Humanity Brand

A familiar shop along South Dixie Freeway got a face lift and a new name this week! ReStore. What does it mean? The dictionary says: “Re – a prefix occurring originally from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again.”There are over 700 Habitat for Humanity Stores across the United States. The purpose of these stores is to ReUse, ReCycle and RePurpose goods to generate the funds needed to address critical housing needs. Our very own store generates the funds needed to build, rehabilitate or repair more than 7 homes locally and 7 homes internationally through our tithe.

By using a common trademarked name, we can help to promote the National Brand. Think of the benefits of a name like McDonald’s versus Joe’s Hamburger Shop!

Join us as we celebrate our new name with ReNewed Purpose! And, by the way, our definition: ReStore – A cool, clean, fun place to shop and find treasures! (And, make a difference in your community at the same time).