Dedications 2016

Gardner Family Home

Dedicated on September 30th, 2016
37 Sandra Circle, New Smyrna Beach
Dory receives her bible from staff member, Coralie Gilson

Williams Family Home

Dedicated on October 3rd, 2016
Courtney Williams
35 Pine Brook Drive, Edgewater
Courtney receives bible from volunteer, Susanne Jones

Pick Family Home

Dedicated on Feb. 8, 2016
Michelli Pick is the proud owner our first beautiful townhome.
325 Sheldon St.

Daigle Family Home

Dedicated on May 12, 2016
542 Hamilton St, New Smyrna Beach.
Danielle Daigel and her son Jayden, 5, receive their keys and bible, alongside their new neighbors, the Bartholdsons (right).

Dedication Video

Daigel and Bartholdson Dedication Video

Bartholdson Family Home

Dedicated on May 12, 2016
592 Hamilton St. NSB
Paul Bartholdson ( right)and children Ian and Sophie, receive their keys and bible , as their new neighbors, the Daigels (left) share their dedication.

Mackey Family Home

Dedicated on 29 August, 2016
30 Pine Brook Drive, Edgewater
The first Pinehurst homes are dedicated!
Dixie Mackay and her children Ava Sue and Aaron are excited to move into their new home sponsored by Publix .

Kenney Family Home

Dedicated on 29 August, 2016
KENNEY: 39 Pine Brook Drive, Edgewater
Lisa Kenney and her children Stephen, Matthew and Hannah love their new home at 39 Pine Brook Drive. The home was sponsored by Norwood’s.