Brunswick Corporation Habi-Team Build

On February 24th, a group of 12 from the Brunswick Corporation of Chicago, joined us for a Habi-Team Build. The team were visiting New Smyrna Beach for a week for a financial leadership training program, and were allowed a day to volunteer at a local charity. They chose SEV Habitat, and we really appreciated their help painting the interior of the new house at 592 Hamilton St, the future home of the Bartholdson family.


Brunswick Corporation of Chicago Habi-Team

Paul Bartholdson worked with the group, and enjoyed working alongside a team of young people. They were visiting different plants during the week, and some extended their visit over the weekend to do some sightseeing. All of them came from different areas of the USA, including the Mid-West, Chicago, Wisconsin and Florida.

Habi-Team Builds help us by bringing a work force for a single day. As we are now building five days a week, and have many families needing homes, we would love to have more teams join us. Thanks to Brunswick’s help, this family will be able to move in to their home all the sooner.

If you are interested in bringing a group, please call Coralie Gilson for more information: 386-428-5010, or email: