Associates from PUBLIX Build New Home in Pinehurst

By Coralie Gilson

habitat publixlogoOn Wednesday, April 6th, 40 associates from PUBLIX supermarkets joined SEV Habitat to build a new home at 30 Pine Brook Drive, Edgewater, the house they have generously sponsored. This house in the beautiful Pinehurst subdivision will be the future home of Dixie Herrera and her two young children.

The volunteers came from Edgewater, Deland, and Deltona PUBLIX stores, along with a team from headquarters that included Todd Jones, President of PUBLIX Supermarkets Incorporated, and his wife, Suzette. Mr. Jones will take over as CEO on May 1st, when the present CEO, Mr. Edward Crenshaw, retires.

The team worked hard, building the walls and wrapping, with very happy Dixie working alongside. She was joined by Lisa Kenney and Courtney Williams, family partners who will soon be her neighbors on Pine Brook Drive. The three families have all become good friends and are really looking forward to moving into their new homes.


Dixie Herrera, center of middle row; Todd Jones, President, in hard hat, with wife Suzette, middle row, far right. Partner families Lisa Kenney and Courtney Williams, far left.

PUBLIX are donating $4 million dollars to 80 affiliates, and have sponsored around 40 homes so far this year. We are so grateful for this wonderful donation, and for partnering with us in building this home on Wednesday, April 6th and every Wednesday during April!