Penn State University Collegiate Challenge

Collegiate Challenge, Week 2, March 9-14, 2015

Twelve students from Penn State joined us to continue the building of a house on Duss Street, bringing with them team leader Eric Gunderson, and Mike Regan who also attended the 2014 challenge. It was a hot week, and coming from snow, the students really enjoyed working outdoors, and headed to the beach for a swim after work.

Care-a-Vanners, Kent and Sue Cunningham, traveled here and worked with the students, bringing skill, friendship and a lot of hard work. All the students are undergraduates, and one of them, Chris Masden was in the Navy for 6 years before entering college. The group really enjoy the construction process and see it as a very different opportunity in life, and a very rewarding learning experience.

Penn State Collegiate Challenge

Thank you for so much very hard work, Penn State!

Thank you for so much very hard work, Penn State!

Coralie Gilson, Outreach Coordinator
SE Volusia Habitat for Humanity